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GC: Lord of Shadows 2 Trailer

By acharris7723-08-2013

Following up from the stunning screenshots yesterday a trailer was also released at Gamescom 2013 which is showing some of the gameplay of this graphically stunning game.

Since Lord of Shadows 2 was announced for PC anticipation has been high of what gameplay will be like, and the type of abilities will the character you play, Dracula the Prince of Darkness, have. Starting off in the game it looks like you start with no powers and you will have to re-gain them as you progress further. The first weapon you get in the game is the void sword, which will serve you well to take out enemies up close, but beware it uses magic with every hit so must be used wisely.

In order to regenerate magic you need to build up your focus bar which is done by attacking enemies, but be aware that taking a hit will cause your focus bar to break. Dracula is also very agile so you can use this ability to dodge enemies and it will be particularly useful against the bigger bosses. Dracula also has the ability to sync block enemies' attacks so that damage is inflicted very effectively and will make short work of most of them. Your abilities are unlocked when you defeat certain enemies which allow you to build up your weapons.

The action is fast paced and the fighting system have been created so that you must enter battles and you must plan and think out your every move, as the technique known as button bashing will not help you in this game. Checkout the trailer and view the screenshots and I think you will agree that this game from Konami is looking quite good. We like to hear your thoughts on it compared to other games from the Castlevania series, so please comment them down below.

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