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By Bobfish21-08-2013

Another trailer, somehow both more and less cryptic at the same time. Delving into the premise for the upcoming CONTRAST and offering some deliciously tantalising plot details along the way. It seems that poor Didi is in search of her missing Mother, who was staying at the Excelsior hotel, waiting for...someone. There are some disjointed references to getting money to appease some decidedly seedy looking idividuals. Though that has something to do with someone else as well. Possibly her Father? This is all conjecture at this point, but we're starting to piece together some of the puzzle already.

Anything I missed? Let us know down below.

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Posts: 1317

Jeez bro, too menni gheims!

Posts: 3290

How can you not have already seen this? I've been gushing about it for months

Posts: 1317

What in the... LIMBO meets Bioshock Infinite? O.o