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GC: First Gameplay of Stronghold Crusader 2

By NAG3LT23-08-2013

Back at E3 2013, Firefly Studios announced a sequel to their 2002 game – Stronghold Crusader 2. So far 3D Stronghold instalments have lacked quality, especially the buggy Stronghold 2 and 3, which were also overcrowded with some useless features. Now hoewever, SC2 looks decent enough in the trailer, showing many aspects that made the original fun to play. The way units pass through each other looks weirder in 3D, but hopefully it will work better that some "realistic" features of other 3D Stronghold games. The trailer also showcases quick building of structures of the castle, which is quite nice. The game will be released digitally on PC in 2014. While the trailer looks very promising, Firefly Studios' poor track record in the last decade forces me to be cautious with enthusiasm.

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Posts: 1548

I am skeptical about it as well but only time will tell.

Posts: 1317

Hmm, yes but... will it be AS good as Citadels....?