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GC: First Dead Island Epidemic Details

By NAG3LT21-08-2013

A few weeks ago, Deep Silver announced the new ZOMBA (Zombie MOBA) game – Dead Island Epidemic. They provided only a little info back then, but today they have finally given more details and the first screenshots.

Unlike other Dead Island games but like most MOBA games, Epidemic will have the top-down view. The matches will put 3 teams of 4 players against each other. The main focus of the battles will not be the bases of players, but the control points all over the map. Zombies will be an enemy for all teams, while some zombie bosses may force all teams to cooperate to take them down. To fight against the other teams and zombies, players will have access to a wide arsenal of tools using crafting. Combining those weapons may become very effective in battles.

The release date for the game has not been announced yet, but it is known it will be free to play and only available on Steam.

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