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GC: Bungie's Offical Destiny Vidoc

By acharris7724-08-2013

Bungie have released a video showcasing some of the things that they have put in to their upcoming title Destiny, even though it will not be out on the same day as the console versions Bungie have said that they hope to do a PC version so here is some of the awesome stuff we can look forward to if they release it for us PC gamers.

The Destiny world has been created so that the gamer will want to return to the game and will have enough variety to ensure that they will never get bored. Throughout the game gamers will see various and strange creatures, monsters, ships and worlds. Gamers will also be able to travel to various planets from Earth to Venus, Mars, Saturn and the Moon even. Bungie have added a new social aspect to the game which will mean meeting various people from various places which is something that is not common in action games.

The character creation is very important in Destiny as this will be a character that the gamer will be using everywhere, so pick your class and race to suit your style. Also introduced into Destiny is a 3 weapon system which is primary, special and heavy slots. The primary is for the personal weapons like assault rifles, the special slot is used for weapons with different uses and the heavy slot for weapons which causes an insane amount of damage.

Being introduced is a seamless matchmaking system which is going to make co-op very exciting. Players will be able to join or invite their friends to events they are hosting or to public events where players will be able to meet new people and start an event of their own. Also depending on your mood Destiny features an activity to suit you, whether it is a campaign, strikes or even public events that are going on, Destiny has something to cater for whatever takes your fancy. You can pick up loot which will give you new stuff in the game.

Overall Destiny is looking like it is going to be a very good game, but the question which every PC gamer wants the answer to is a very simple one. Will Bungie release this awesome looking game on the PC at some point? What do you all think of the game? Let us know below.


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Posts: 3290

It will happen. I'm sure it will.

In time

Posts: 351

I also really hope they do a PC version, this game looks really fun.