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GC: Battlefield 4 Really Wants You To Play Premium

By JcDent21-08-2013

Battlefield 3 had a Premium option - all Expansion packs and a lot of other random crap included - so there's little surprise that Battlefield 4 is touting it's Premium, too. Especially since they want you to pre order. It's buying a cat it a bag, sure, but we're pretty familiar with the cat's mom and the bag itself is quite nice.

Also? 50 bucks. For an AAA game that's almost guaranteed not to suck (that's a back of the box quote if I ever saw one), it's cheap. So, a cheap cat from an honourable family in a cute canvas bag.

What do you get when you buy premium? Well, let me just copy-paste the list from their press release website and do some comments on it!

Battlefield 4 Second Assault – Includes four fan-favorite Battlefield 3 maps now re-imagined with the power of Frostbite 3. Available first on Xbox One. (so it's like Battlefield 4's Back to Karkand map pack. I think Caspian border is making a return).

Battlefield 4 China Rising – Players fight for dominance across the vast and majestic Chinese mainland. Available December 2013. (I'm not happy about all those trees and the possible stress it might put on my laptop)

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike – Experience dynamic ocean combat as the Chinese armada takes the fight to the sea. Available Spring 2014. ("We have not done naval combat before, so you better like it, buster!)

Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth – The US strikes back engaging in all-out urban warfare. Available Summer 2014. (Hopefully this isn't Close Quarters: Battlefield 4 Edition)

Battlefield 4 Final Stand – Bring the war to its epic conclusion. Available Summer 2014. (It's End Game. Probably heavier "levolution" in new maps and some quirky game modes)

Two-weeks early access to all expansion packs for that competitive edge (remember, early access doesn't mean anything if you suck as a player!)

Unique personalization options including camos, paints, emblems, dogtags and more (I don't recall camos being such a big thing back in the game. And painting guns is just dreadful).

Priority position in server queues (Joke's on you, I'll be playing in Asia! No server queues because nobody is playing!)

New content every week (I have no idea what this could be. Probably a new camo or paint, with sparsely spread guns and attachments)

12 bonus Battlefield 4 Battlepacks (Battlepacks are random packs of loot that you get as you level up. So here's your first 12 levels worth of loot, show them poor people that you're better than them)

Transfer Battlefield 4 Premium membership from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 (Alternatively: buy a PC).

They also stress exclusiveness, 4 million BF3 Premium users (it's not an "exclusive club" if any asshole can buy his way in for a 50), exclusive early access (it's not you who's getting it early, it's the other guys who're getting it later on), customization, blah blah blah, yadda yadda, yadda. If you're getting it for reasons other than "50 bucks is pretty great for a game I will most probably like", there's something wrong with you.

Also, check out this sweet gameplay video with two forces dukeing it out over an island. There's a mysterious "bomb" that the enemy keeps dropping, land and sea warfare, and a bit of levolution (probably tied to a nuke) - or a lot of it, seeing as a burning destroyer crashes onto the island. All in all, it looks well, shows off sea combat and makes you salivate over the new content. Good show!

Now where do I go to scrub myself of the feeling that I'm turning into a corporate shill.

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Well, what's the price of CoDBlOps 2 with all the shit they released?

Posts: 1317

I wonder if with Battlefield 5, they'll just say "fuck it, we're listing the price to $120. The reason being that we have as much content in BF5 as we did in BF4 and BF4 Premium combined! This means that the price is totally warranted... But we're still coming with a premium pack for BF5 too, priced at $60."

$180 generic shooter. Nice!

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In other news - EA's games are successfully breaking 100 Euro mark for a full version.