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GC 2012: Ubisoft Claims Share of the F2P

In a market teeming with Free-to-Play games, it seems Ubisoft can’t stay out of it either. Multiple F2P games have been announced with old and popular names such as Anno, Silent Hunter and Heroes of Might and Magic.

Ubisoft have really gone out of their way to dish out a whole lot of games that will run under a F2P model today at Gamescom. Together with the previously mentioned games, Ghost Recon, the Settlers and two Might & Magic games, will also be available for free. Will this herald the downfall of these much celebrated franchises or breathe new life into the communities that have enjoyed these games so much? Only the future, and Ubisoft’s design choices, will tell.

Interested where the road will lead?

Start playing immediately or, with some luck, join the Beta’s by following these links and signing up.

Silent Hunter Online

Ghost Recon Online

Heroes of Might and Magic Online (Asia only!)

The Settlers Online (open Beta)

Might & Magic Raiders

Might & Magic Duel of Champions

and Anno Online


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