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GC 2012: This Fantasy isn't Final

Gaming fans rejoice. The highly praised and much adored Final Fantasy VII is now available to download exclusively via the official Square Enix store.

This version adds 36 achievements which show up on each players profile, allowing you to share your stats with the world. Cloud saving is also present, as well as character boosters which assist you during your playthrough - if you get stuck you can use the booster to increase HP, MP and Gil.

“We’re really pleased to offer a downloadable PC version of the much loved FINAL FANTASY VII. It’s a great chance for fans to re-live so many memorable moments and a great opportunity for players who have never played the title to experience why the game has had so much influence on the industry over the years” said Larry Sparks, Vice President – Brand.

Get the game until September 12th and get a 20% discount.

No word on if it’s coming to Steam but seeing as all other new Square’s titles are on Steam that gives us hope. For now enjoy some new screens below.

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