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GC 2012: Roma(ing) to War

The Roman Empire rise to power has seen many great figures, battles and wars and it were the three Punic wars that finally lifted Rome to the dominant power of the Mediterranean. It is thus only natural that Rome II – Total War, the eagerly anticipated sequel to the first Rome and next instalment in the Total War series would draw upon this epic clash between two ancient super powers as inspiration.

Building upon the previous Total War games, it seems that Creative Assembly decided to not only depict the massive battles or empire building but to emphasise the individual characters that had an impact upon history.

Carthage, and Scipio’s part in the city’s downfall, gives us an opportunity to demonstrate some of the new features we’re aiming to bring to Total War with ROME II. In particular, the way we’re pushing both ends of the spectrum of scale: from truly colossal battlefields, with combined naval and land actions, right down to the human level drama, the experiences of individual men.

As such, I can only say: “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam”.

Enjoy some of the brand new screenshots from SEGA below:

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This is on top of my await list, well, maybe after GTA V.

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Gamescom this year seems like it really will top last year's gamescom! Too bad I couldn't be there.

Rome 2 I hope will be as good as it looks. The main thing I really want to see improved in the Total War franchise is the loading times. It really becomes annoying eventually to have to wait so long for each battle on the big campaign map, while auto-resolve is just no fun at all (and costly).