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GC 2012: Mad Keyboard Strikes

Yesterday at Gamescom, Mad Catz announced a new gaming keyboard. The peripheral called STRIKE 7 seems to be targeting the niche sector that is currently mostly occupied by Logitech with their G15 and G19 devices.

I own G15 and couldn’t be happier with it but STRIKE 7 seems to be the upgrade I’d like to make. Of course it all ends up depending on the software support. Logitech has a pretty good software support and there are enough programs and games to use the LCD display. If Mad Catz manage to convince developer of the same we might get a price war that always end in consumer favor.

Currently priced at $300/€300/£250 (official site) is a bit steep but if my G15 satisfaction factor is an indicator then it will be worth it. For now enjoy the trailer below:


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