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Gauntlet Free Update - Slayer Edition

By elethio25-07-2015

The awesome co-op dungeon crawler Gauntlet is getting a free update, Arrowhead Game Studios have been working on this update in secret for some time, but have finally announced revealed some of their plans and set a release date for 11th of August.

All owners of Gauntlet will receive the Slayer edition for free and we can expect to see a wide range of additions and improvements from this update, from enhanced versions of current environments and characters, to extra relics potions weapons, even a new game mode improved mechanics and more.

They have also announced that the Steam OS version of Gauntlet has been cancelled due to time restrictions and this update. Arrowhead haven’t given us any more specific information yet about changes, but this update still comes as a nice surprise, and I look forward to playing it.

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Posts: 3290

So we are getting it. Good

Posts: 1317

Awesome? Mediocre and repetitive, more like. But hey, a free update is always welcome.