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Gat to Da Choppa!

By Bobfish17-01-2015

It's time ladies and gentlemen. Time to go to hell and shoot Satan in the face. What's that you say? It can't be done? You must have misheard me. I said in the face. Also kick people in the nuts. And Kinzie is a freaking angel! Oh, and it's available on Monday.

The re-elected edition, which is basically a less gimped console version of Saints Row IV which includes all the DLC. But more importanly, as in its for we of the PC gaming Master Race (and console scrubs, but fuck those guys) is Gat out of Hell. In which you go to hell, Kinzie turns into an angel, and you shoot Satan in the face.

What, you came here expecting, like, professional news or something? Dude, it's fucking Saints Row. You kick people in the nuts and call down airstrikes on your teammates for shits and giggles. Also Kinzie is an angel. Even the oifficial trailer, see above, is done like one of those crappy, 2AM infomercials that even Europe has to deal with. Because Saints Row.

Did I mention Kinzie is an angel?

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