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Gas Guzzlers Extreme – Extreme Announcement

By NeonAnderson19-09-2013

Iceberg Interactive announces that Gas Guzzlers Extreme is coming to Steam in October 2013. Iceberg Interactive is based in the Netherlands and has just announced that Gamepires is about to finish development of Gas Guzzlers Extreme for PC.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme places players in the midst of EXTREME racing, the gameplay will feature fact-paced action-packed races with full on car-on-car action. Expect debris to be flying all around you and expect everything to explode! A flower in the road? BOOM! A tiny bit of dirt? BOOM! In all seriousness, the game looks really fun for those who just want to cause mass destruction filled with plenty of BOOM-s.

Better yet though, the game will feature full Steamworks support and will be (action-)packed full of content; featuring single-player and multiplayer modes. All in all the game will feature great graphics, top-notch physics and more than 350 miles (560 kilometers) of road spread over 40 tracks and 8 combat arenas. These are then once more divided into 7 different environmental themes. As a result of this, the game should offer gamers hours of EXTREME action-packed and fun-filled gameplay!

So yeah, keep your eyes out for the game on Steam soon, once and if a pre-order is announced we will be sure to let y'all know, otherwise expect an announcement soon about the exact date it will be released on in October 2013. In the mean time though, feel free to enjoy the trailer at the top and the screenshots below.

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