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Garry's Mod Rakes in Millions

By Mokman10-03-2013

Woah. Alright, so we knew Garry's Mod, the Half Life 2 mod that's infamous for crazy physics and mad creations, is a big thing. But did we know it was $22 million big? Yep, according to Garry Newman, the developer of the mod, that's the total amount that the whole thing has brought in to date. However, most of this small fortune is taken from the development team as it makes its way towards them. Revealing in a community Q&A session he states that Valve and the "tax man" gets a whole bunch of it, with the tax man taking a fair share as they have to pay every time they take money out of the company.

Still, not all is doom and gloom, with the team rolling in mere riches rather than unimaginable wealth. The team plans next to start work on a new PC game, stating that it's a game that they've "wanted to start work on for ages." A PC game from the creators of Garry's mod? This promises to be interesting...

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