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Garret Wants to Rob a Bank

By Toast25-09-2013

Yes, the master thief himself wants to rob a high security bank, only if you pre-order the new Thief however. The bonus mission will have you attempting to sneak in stealthy to the high security bank where you will apparently find very valuable treasures, as it promises to challenge players, so the bigger risk probably comes with a great reward. You can also challenge your friends by competing for the best time on the level, to see who the sneakiest and fastest thief is!

You can expect to play as Garret again next year around February 25th. Certainly enough time to brush up your thieving skills in the previous 3 iterations, right?

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Posts: 3290

@XiDiO: Stop trolling! You can totally jump!

Contextual interactions count!


Posts: 1317

Yay pre order bonuses! Will totally make it worth pre-ordering a $50 game blind. Totally.

Posts: 341

Thief is gonna be crap.

Cant even jump.

Posts: 3290

They've been on my to-do list for a long arse time as well

Posts: 166

I will have to give the first one a try again. I never could get into thief, but I am going to have to give it some play I think.