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Garret Has Some Christie-Style Competition!

By Kelevandos06-07-2013

Here is the new trailer of The Raven: Legacy of The Master Thief. This point'n'click adventure game from the King Art games, the creators of The Book of Unwritten Tales, will put the player in the shoes of Anton Zeller, a policeman who decides to help in the pursuit after a master thief nicknamed The Raven. Together with Inspector Nicholas Legrand, Zeller will depart on an Agatha-Christie-style adventure, visiting places from Switzerland to Egypt.

The game will be divided into 3 chapters, with the first one being released near the end of July. What instantly gets one's attention when watching the above trailer is the abundance of different animations present. As stated by the commentator, the game will feature more animations than all the studios previous works put together! Add a variety of camera shots and a fully 3D environment, and you get a real beauty, definitely worth checking out.

The first chapter, "The Eye Of The Sphinx", will be released on July 23rd. Those who decide to purchase it before that date, on Steam for example, will enjoy a 20% discount!

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Posts: 3290

I know what you mean. I just don't know quite what to make of this yet

Posts: 1317

Though I don't mind budget-level animations and voice acting in such games - they can be quite intriguing if pulled off right - I find that they often just lack in... well, everything. The story is bland, the gameplay is very stop-start'y, with you often getting stuck on arbitrary, boring, repetitive and illogical puzzles.