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Gansta's in Space...LITERALLY

By Bobfish09-08-2013

Not content with being absolutely, utterly and completely batshit insane in game, Saints Row IV has spread it's unique brand of madness to the real world. Introducing the Super Wad Wad edition. A one of a kind exclusive for a million dollars. No fucking joke. Available from Game.co.uk it comes with, amongst other things, a fully insured Toyota Prius, plastic surgery and a trip into fucking space!

Saints Row IV : Commander in Chief Edition

A full sized replica Dubstep Gun

A full day of spy training

A trip to space with Virgin Galactic

One year's membership of E25 Super Car Club and a Lamborghini Gallardo to make it worthwhile

Plastic Surgery of the purchaser's choice

A shopping spree with a personal shopper to create the ultimate Planet Saints capsule wardrobe

7 nights for two at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington

Hostage rescue experience

A brand new Toyota Prius and insurance to give something back to the environment

7 nights stay in the Top Royal Suite at the Burj-al-arab with flights for two

Admit it, you thought that was some kind of inuendo, or something dumb as all hell like going to the top of the Seattle Space Needle. But no, you will actually fly in to space. That...is...AWESOME! And you thought a sports car was a crazy addition to a Collector's Edition.

In other news, much closer to home. Watch this space come August 23rd, the UK release (America gets it August 20th) for Saints Row IV because Pixel Judge will be having a giveaway. Can you guess which game it will be?

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Posts: 596

It's interesting though the disclaimer on the product page at Game.co.uk

Basically it says they do not need to provide any of the advertised stuff and by paying the 1 million you agree to those terms... Really curious to see if anyone really buys it. I hope someone does... I want to see if they really will provide the promoted stuff.

Posts: 3290

The link is in the article brah

Posts: 1548

Hmmm. I want the Lambo. Where do I preorder? :P

Posts: 3290

That is a lot of money. But also a lot of reward

Posts: 267

Somebody calculated that publisher will get ~ $300k profit if anybody buys this edition.

Posts: 228

Ah, Prius, the gansta-est of vehicles.