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Gamma Phase Features Revealed In Planetary Annihilation

By Bunnysuit27-02-2014

Planetary Annihilation is a real time shooter game being developed by Uber Entertainment Inc.Two years after a very successful Kickstarter campaign, they have reached the gamma phase of their development.

The two new main features coming to Planetary Annihilation are multi-planet start spots and picture-in-picture. Multi-planet will let players battle interplanetary wars from the beginning of a match. Picture-in-picture has been updated to snap a picture of when a notification pops up on screen.

Chronocam, the in-game video stream will add replays that will be accessible after matches. A link will be provided so you can watch your matches. Eventually a sharing feature will be added.

Alliance Mode is a brand new feature in Planetary Annihilation. This mode allows you to make alliances with several players before, or even during the match. Dynamic alliance will soon be a feature in the game, this will allow you to break away from alliances whenever.

It sounds like the backers are getting their money's worth, with the amount of features that are added to the game. I especially find the Chronocam very interesting addition for those who share gameplay videos on YouTube.

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