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Games Revealed In THQ Bankruptcy Filing

By Merc21-12-2012

It has been saddening that THQ is filing for bankruptcy, but it seems to be not as bad as it might sound. In that process four unknown titles were revealed. For the record these games need to come out even if they are not under the THQ banner.

The four titles include:

Crawler - a new game from Vigil, the creators of Darksiders.
Relic - A working title for a new game out of Relic Entertainment that could have been out in 2014.
Evolve - Turtle Rock Studios new game, they created Left 4 Dead.
1666 - A game currently in the works from THQ Montreal.

Even though little is known about these games other than the titles, and who was working on them, it seems likely that some THQ games will still come out as scheduled. Jason Rubin (THQ President) said that Company of Heroes 2, Metro Last Light, and South Park: The Stick of Truth would still be released. It is great that those three games will still be released and the other four are certainly intriguing. Hopefully they come out someday, one can only hope.

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Posts: 228

For a long time I imagined THQ to be almost sacred. I was shocked when they released Rogue Warrior.

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It's sad to see this happen to a company. I like a lot of games from THQ. Hopefully they can recover and make a comeback.