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Gamers Love DRM So SimCity Will Use It

By Merc21-12-2012

If you could not detect the sarcasm, then I apologize. PC gamers do not like always online DRM, and for good reason. Look at Diablo 3 launch failures as an example. It was frustrating that people could not play a single player game because they could not connect to a server. Well, Maxis discussed on Reddit that they would be using an always online DRM. Needless to say people were not happy with this, and voiced their opinions in grand internet fashion. Many people on Reddit said flat out that they would not buy the game because of this requirement. Maxis you created a great mess for yourselves it seems.

Cue the Senior VP at Maxis to clear the air, and clean the mess. Lucy Bradshaw posted a statement on SimCity blog what the benefits would be for an always online SimCity. She really emphasizes that SimCity was always meant to be a connected game. It is hard to swallow such a notion because there are many games out there that are connected but can also be played offline, take a look at Torchlight 2.

It is understandable to be concerned about an always online game because they have not always worked in the past. Maybe if it worked flawlessly, but even then people are not always connected to the internet for whatever reason. I also can understand game developers point of view. They do not want their game to be stolen. Hopefully we can reach a nice compromise someday. What are your thoughts about SimCity always being online? Let us know in the comments.

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Yes I lured you in with my deceptive ways :D

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"Gamers love DRM"... time to flame Merc I thought :P But yeah, it really sucks that companies keep using DRM, it only lessens sales (as ALL quantitative research proves even!) the only paper that claims DRM is good for sales and consumers WANT drm is the BSA (Business Software Association). Complete and utter nonsense! But alas many big companies listen to the BSA as it is composed out of the biggest industry giants including Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and many other software giants.

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I really hope that this game will work with DRM, but I may wait to get it because of the issues it could have.