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Gameplay Trailer Released for Grid 2

By Mokman16-02-2013

Shiny racing game, Grid 2, has a new gameplay trailer, though how much of the gameplay was exactly shown with the in-game camera is arguable - arguably none, that is. Shown from a bunch of impossible camera angles, we see a couple of extravagantly detailed (and heavily advertised) cars racing about to the classic epic soundtrack, flashing lights and stadiums, and pretty much no information about the gameplay whatsoever. Really Codemasters?

Still, they have not failed us before, and perhaps their streak would still go on. I do have to admit though, although somewhat a racing aficionado, Grid 2 does not exactly excite me as much as I thought it would. Perhaps I have lost some of the fire... or is it the game itself? I wonder. Still, more to be learned about it before its release date on the 31st of May. Let's hope my gut feelings are proved wrong.


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