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Gameplay on Mars

By NAG3LT19-07-2013

The first gameplay trailer for Take On Mars is now live. It showcases the ability to select different rovers on the Martian surface, their controls and teases some parts of the mission building process. The controls are not astronomically realistic, as you control rovers via radio link directly with no lag. The rovers themselves are equipped with many different cameras, allowing you to direct their movements, but 3rd person view is also present. Great care is still required however, as there is a damage model and no rover repair boxes on the red planet.

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That...that actually looks DAMN nice. I expect the direct control was more of a design choice, to make it more interactive as game. Though, planning routes ahead of time and watching them play out could have been a really cool idea as well. Hopefully, maybe, we can badger them into adding that as an alternate game mode. Like, 'realistic' setting or something