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Game Saves in the Cloud

By Kathy_McGraw04-03-2014

Razer, the makers of the Game Booster software, announced a new addition to their software on Feb. 27, 2014. The new feature is called Save Game Manager and will be part of the Game Booster package. The Game Save Manager will back up game saves from many titles, 2000, as of this writing, to an existing cloud storage account. It is also possible to add saves from games not explicitly supported from any game that saves locally to your computer.

For the moment, the Save Game Manager works with Dropbox only, but Razer plans to add other cloud storage services later on. In addition, the Save Game Manager is capable of storing PC settings. This whole cloud storage thing makes me uneasy. I like to keep my game saves and computer settings saved locally. I don't want them lost to a server outage, or worse, high-jacked by some nefarious company or individual. At the same time, I can understand the convenience it offers, especially since most gamers have accounts with multiple game download services.


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