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GAME Retailer to Start Selling Steam Wallet Codes

By Leigh Cobb30-11-2012

The UK retailer GAME, specialising in... games, is to start selling Steam Wallet Codes, it has recently announced. That's right, the same GAME which almost went out of business entirely recently, with a number of store closures.

In a move which looks to diversify their products (and possibly save an ailing brand), GAME have said that they are looking to work with Valve to "grow our PC gaming communities together”. This makes GAME the first UK shop to stock Steam Wallet Codes, available in prices of £5, £10, £20 and £50. This is all luckily in time for the holiday season, so when your elderly relatives ask you what you want for christmas, you can tell them to pick you up a Steam Wallet in GAME, instead of getting them to gift you something through Steam itself. That would never work, they'd have to create an account and everything.


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Yeah, it started in Gamestop USA but seems to be spreading quickly which is not surprising :)

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Actually had an interview at GAME several months ago and brought this topic up as a PC gamer during it. The woman who interviewed me at the time didn't give me an answer but it's good to see my obvious suspicions were correct and I expect other retailers will do the same if many don't already.