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Game Out, Manual Says DLC Must Follow!

By MrJenssen18-07-2014

Sniper Elite 3 is finally out, and though our review won't be seeing the light of day until just over the weekend, that doesn't stop Rebellion from spamming down the game's Steam page with DLCs! As revealed in the announcement video above, the UK-based indie dev Rebellion have a series of DLCs planned for their new game. One of which is a free map for the competitive multiplayer that's titled "Airstrip" and is based on one of the last missions of the game's main campaign. Another is a singleplayer mini-campaign where you work to thwart a German assassination attempt on Winston Churchill. In the first part of this three-part non-free mini campaign, you'll be revisiting the Siwa mission from early in the game's campaign, but this time it's night and "completely different from before" apparently.

While you're at it, you can also pick up three weapon packs that include the weapons we already had in Sniper Elite V2 which have been stripped from Sniper Elite 3 for some reason. There is also one multiplayer skin pack containing three cosmetic player skins. These have all conveniently been finished just two weeks after the release of the game, and I'm sure they were just not able to complete these in time along with the main game, or else they totally wouldn't have charged money for them. These packs, the free multiplayer map and the first part of the Save Churcill DLC are already out and ready to be tested. The two next parts of the mini-campaign are set to release later this summer. Along with a series of other overpriced DLCs, I'm sure.

Come on, Rebellion. There's a way to do DLC right, and there's the way you're doing it now. Anyway, you can read our review of the game on Monday, so you might want to stay your hand for now unless you've already fallen to temptation and picked up the game yourself.

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