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Game of the Year Edition Brings New Maps And Vehicles (Updated)

By MrJenssen22-04-2014

Rising Storm is a brilliantly brutal game. In many ways, it's even better than its mother game, Red Orchestra 2. It easily deserved last year's Multiplayer Game of the Year award from PC Gamer. The only problem is that the game's community is sorely lacking in numbers. The slow pace at which new content has been pushed out, hasn't helped much either.

Now, Tripwire Interactive and Anti Matter Games have finally gotten around to releasing some substantial content, in the form of the Game of the Year Edition. Included in the package is content for both Rising Storm and Red Orchestra 2. Three award-winning community maps have been tuned up and added to the official roster, and Tripwire has added in one official map as well. One of the community maps is for Red Orchestra 2, while the official map and the two remaining community maps are for Rising Storm.

But that's not all. Both the Russian and German teams have gotten their own light armored personnel carrier for troop transport. Some of the game's vehicular maps have been reconfigured for the purpose of these transport vehicles. A new mode - 'Search & Destroy' where teams seek out and blow up key targets on the battlefield - is also included. Currently, ten of the game's maps are configured for this mode.

Up above, we've embedded a fancy trailer showcasing all the new content. If the name of the package worries you, make no mistake. This is a completely free content update, and if you own the game, then you now also own the new content. No need to buy an arbitrary new version of the same game. Now, let's hope it actually has someone playing it still...

Update: Oh, what was that? Getting a huge free content update to a great game isn't enough to pique your interest? Well, you scoundrels. Tripwire Interactive has got you covered. Should you launch Steam tomorrow, you can hop over to Red Orchestra 2's store page and pick the game up. For free. And no, it's not for a limited time. You can pick it up to own, until the end of time. But do be quick, this special promotion only lasts for 24 hours once it launches tomorrow.

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