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Game of DLC: Beyond the Wall

By Leigh Cobb08-11-2012

Remember Game of Thrones? No, not the HBO series, but the game based on that series and the books by George R.R Martin. It was launched to fairly mediocre reviews, currently having a 58 out of 100 score on Metacritic. Now, you can add some DLC to the game.

The 'Beyond the Wall' DLC adds news quests and allows you to "plunge into the dark past of Mors Westford, during his early years in the Night’s Watch, long before the events of the main story." The DLC offers up to 2 hours of additional gameplay and is available on PC now for £3.99.

"Today, we offer players to extend their Game of Thrones experience with a quest DLC, and to travel to lands feared by all inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms… a frozen, hostile territory, feared because of the dangers it represents, but also for all the legends talking about what lies beyond: the Northern lands, laying north of the gigantic Wall protected by the Night’s Watch."

So for just less than £4.00, you can get a small chunk of DLC for a game which has probably slipped under your radar. That may not be the best way to spend £3.99, so I've taken the liberty of compiling a list of alternatives for that price, all available on Steam:

  • The Binding of Isaac, £3.99 (Repressed, freudian-esque indie game, surprisingly disturbing and very addictive)
  • American Conquest, £3.99 (Strategy on a massive scale, slaughter European invaders and Native Americans alike)
  • Overlord, £3.49 (Play as the bad guy in a game with a great sense of humour)
  • Arx Fatalis, £2.99 (Sadly overlooked dungeon crawler, creepy and atmospheric but hasn't aged too well)
  • Cthulhu Saves the World, £1.99 (RPG in retro style, fast paced, addictive and fun!)
  • Thirty Flights of Loving, £3.99 (Charming indie title, short but enjoyable)

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