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Game of Beasts

By Bobfish20-07-2015

Well well well. The penultimate episode of Telltale's Game of Thrones series is right on our doorstep. And it is promising to be a messy one. A new character who goes by the sobriquet 'The Beast' is stepping up to play a friendly game of kill everything. Asher's favourite game that. Those two should get along swimmingly. Meanwhile, in thieves landing, Cersie is...saying nice things to Mira?!?

Things aren't looking much better for the rest of house Forrester either. Rodrik has Ramsey Snow to deal with, Gared is out in the snow facing...some group that looks decidedly unfriendly and poor Tyrion (not of house Forrester I know, but a fan favourite) is locked in irons being...actually, he doesn't look like he's all that put out by it. He's just as snarky and chillaxed as ever.

But about that Whitehill spy...

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