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Game No Work? Money Back!

By MrJenssen12-12-2013

GOG.com are awesome guys. Though they've started focusing more on modern releases in the recent years and less on reviving the classics (I'm still waiting for XIII, NOLF and Blade Runner, you guys!) - they're still pretty damn awesome. Featuring great games at good prices, without incorporating intrusive DRM. To boot, they don't have any infuriating currency conversion to bum us Europeans out. Oh yeah, and they're owned by the people who are currently making what will likely turn out to be the biggest fangasm of all time - The Witcher 3. So how could it possibly get any better?

Well, I'll tell you how: if GOG allowed us to return our games and get our money back if the games don't work within 30 days of purchase! Yeah, except that day would never come. Oh crap, seems I spoke too soon. You see, GOG's initiative is already in effect. In other words, you no longer need to worry about purchasing old classics and realizing that they're a little TOO old and classic for your computer to handle.

This system is extremely vulnerable to abuse by dickshitbag gamers who see an opportunity to buy 100 games for the price of one, but GOG feel like they can trust their own user base. In the Money Back Guarantee FAQ they clearly elaborate on how their honor system works.

"We know that, since we're the Internet's leading DRM-free gaming platform, our Money Back Guarantee offer here is open to a certain amount of abuse. If you're being a bad person who's abusing our trust of you and asking for a whole lot of your games to be refunded and we can't resolve your problems, we'll have to stop offering you refunds.So don't be that guy. No one likes that guy."

Don't be THAT guy. This way, we can continue having nice things.


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