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Gaikai Brings PS3 Titles to PC? Also Sued

By Leigh Cobb12-10-2012

Following Sony's acquisition of cloud game streaming service Gaikai earlier this year, their website has been updated with promotional images of some top Playstation exclusive IP's.

The games include: Little Big Planet, God of War 3, Uncharted, Killzone and inFamous. There are some cryptic answers on the Q&A page, also a vague note from the people behind Gaikai on their site:

"As a new member of the Sony Computer Entertainment family, we're working even harder to ensure the world's best entertainment content is delivered instantly to you, no matter where you are in the world."

As much as I would love to play some Playstation brands on the PC (preferably in a lovely high resolution not possible on consoles), I really don't see Sony letting their exclusives onto the PC - even if it is in the form of online streaming. Online streaming itself? Well I've tried Onlive, and let's just say it was like playing a blurry YouTube video. Not good. If these games do make it to PC, then great. But I would prefer them to arrive on the PC properly if anything.

And now it seems Gaikai is faced with another challenge, or rather a problem – they are being sued. T5 Labs the holder of "Sharing a Graphical Processing Unit Between a Plurality of Programs" patent is taking Gaikai to court over the infringement of the said patent. They want the compensation, interest and the cover of legal fees.

Only time will tell how both of these stories pan out but for now leave your opinions down below.

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