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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father Being Remade

By acharris7712-10-2013

The classic 90's adventure game from Sierra Online, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father, is being remade. The series creator, Jane Jensen, has formed a partnership with Activision to do the graphically improved remake which is set to arrive sometime in 2014. With Activision owning the rights to most of the Sierra Online games, then it makes sense to team-up with the original creator and her studio, Pinkerton Road.

Jane Jensen said:

"When we looked at remakes like Monkey Island or Broken Sword, or even some of the King's Quest remakes, we really felt Sins of the Fathers needed to stay true to the original story and gameplay, both for reasons of nostalgia but also because it worked. We didn't want to completely change the formula and break it. And the game deserved to be remade lovingly, just as it was. We are adding in a few new things here and there, but I wanted the original to be fully represented."

If this remake is successful, then Activision might even go on to fund a brand new Gabriel Knight game. "I think there's a strong chance that if we create a good game that does well with the critics and in sales, we can persuade Activision to allow us to do a new GK game." I loved the Original Gabriel Knight from the 90's and would love to see a modern take on the game. Let us know your thoughts below.

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Posts: 3290

Activision getting their hands on it is certainly not the best news we've had all day

Posts: 297

Hate to say it but, I don't think it'll be classified as having good sales if it doesn't sell even half as much as any Call of Duty game.