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G-Sync Video Demonstration

By NAG3LT28-10-2013

Demonstrating new display technologies on the internet is problematic, as you are limited by the currently widespread displays. You will not see 10-bit colour on your standard 8-bit monitor for example, nobody will see the visual difference 120 FPS makes on a 60 Hz screen, nor will the extra detail of 4K video be noticeable at 1080p resolution. Same problem applies to G-Sync, as it tries to eliminate stuttering and tearing, but if you try to shoot a monitor using it with a normal camera, the process of recording will introduce those problems into a video. Due to that problem, Nvidia has invited tech journalists and specialists from the game industry to see the technology with their own eyes and confirm it for themselves, and us. Still, several tech sites have tried to demonstrate the difference on video, including PCGamesHardware. Unfortunately, it is hard to see any difference in the video, even though people who saw it live thought that it works very well.


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