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G-Sync Kit for ASUS VG248QE is now Available

By NAG3LT16-01-2014

Nvidia promised to provide a custom G-Sync module for ASUS VG248QE last year. While they have missed the initially announced timeframe by a few weeks, the DIY kit is finally available for $200. While it is not very cheap by any means, the owners of VG248QE may find it an acceptable price for the upgrade.  While this kit is clearly meant to be as easy as possible to install, it is something that requires a lot of care. So, if you have this monitor and want to upgrade its internals, but are not comfortable even with the PCs internals you better avoid doing the installation yourself.

Another important thing to keep in mind before deciding to modify your monitor is that the functionality will change a lot. Only DisplayPort video input will remain on monitor, while the audio support will be gone completely. You will also have to use a special power adapter instead of a standard C13 power cable. So unless you really want G-Sync right now, it is better to wait for monitors with native G-Sync support to appear on the market. Another reason to wait might be FreeSync, as it seems that necessary technology might also be a part of DisplayPort 1.3 as standard, which should be finalized in the first half of this year.


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