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Fuz Ro Wind!

By Kathy_McGraw06-03-2014

Ooh, it's another Skywind trailer, this time showing the journey from Balmora to Seyda Neen during the first quest! While it needs some work, what's there already looks pretty spectacular. Darn it, I wish they would stop teasing me already! I'm so excited; I am squirming in my seat as a write this. Seriously.

Anyway, work continues apace on Skywind, which will update and adapt the entire Morrowind game to the Skyrim engine. Looking at the modders' website, they have managed to complete quite a bit over the last year. There is still no word on when a public beta version will be available for download, but from the amount of on-going work, I am pretty confident that Skywind will be completed eventually. If you want to help, the Skywind team welcomes your assistance. A task list of what needs to be done and what has already been completed is available here.

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