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Future Plans for PlanetSide

By NeonAnderson17-10-2012

While PlanetSide is getting old (it was released in 2003), that doesn’t stop it from having an active player base. With the launch of PlanetSide 2 coming up, a lot of these players have been wondering what will happen to the first PlanetSide when the sequel comes out. Well it is good news for the current players, as well as for anyone who ever wanted to try the PlanetSide, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has announced that PlanetSide will become a F2P title.

Chances are good that the game can be successful as a F2P title. While the exact details have not been announced yet, we can expect (and hope) for the model to be open and fair to everyone – both those that pay and those that use it fully for free.

Will you be playing PlanetSide 1 once it goes F2P? Share your comments below.

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I'm shitting upon everything I see in sheer anticipation! Hell yeah I'm gonna play it! I was so psyched about PS2 mainly because I didn't have the funds to try PS.