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Fusing Together a Release Date For the New Trials

By MrJenssen26-02-2014

Trials Evolution was a fantastic game. And though I wasn't very impressed with how the devs handled the PC version of the game post-release, it still stands as the best of its kind available on our platform. The multiplayer modes, the crazy complex track creator and the sheer amount of content the game shipped with, made sure of that.

Trials Fusion, Evolution's sequel, has been known to be in development for quite a while already. But since the initial announcement, little more has been heard from the Finnish developers.

Now, finally, more details surface. According to a fresh new press release from Ubisoft, Trials Fusion will be ready to fire up its engine on April 16. It'll be released on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and the PC simultaneously at the price of £15,99. There will also be a retail version releasing one day later, which includes the base game and the game's season pass. Hey, it's Ubisoft after all.

As for the season pass, it will of course also be available for purchase separately, at the price of £15,99 as well. Each of the six DLC packs will include new bike parts and rider gear, new tracks and "new items for the ever-expanding world of Trials Fusion". The price of the season pass apparently gives players a 30% discount over purchasing each DLC separately. The DLCs will be released throughout the year after the release of the main game.

Interestingly, the press release makes no mention of Uplay. The PC version is coming to "Steam® for Windows® PC operating systems". Trials Evolution forced players to use Uplay, whether they bought it from Ubisoft directly or not. Could it be that Trials Fusion will not do the same?

Either way, the release date is set, and since we know we're getting a season pass, we know that Trials Fusion won't be left for dead after release like Trials Evolution Gold was on the PC back in 2012. Check out the brand spanking new trailer above, showcasing some crazy new mid-air stunts players can perform, playable ATVs and all kinds of other awesome goodness. I'll see you at the track in April!


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