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Fun Fact: Far Cry 4 Has New Trailers

By zethalee17-09-2014

Fun fact: Elephants also apparently crave human blood. Which may not necessarily be "fun" or even a "fact," but if a recent pair of trailers released promoting Far Cry 4 are to be believed, elephants can be either man's best friend when violently removing armed guards from their place of residence, or their worst enemy, as is the case with "The Arena." Bizarrely enough, as part of a promotion for Far Cry, Ubisoft saw fit to set up an MMA-styled cage at PAX Prime, where two participants, one in a tiger suit and the other in an elephant one, would duke it out, somehow. Some of that footage is embedded below, where you can pass judgement yourself.

The tiger and elephant motifs feature in the trailers as well, colliding in a spray of color and particle effects, meaning that there is likely some sort of deeper meaning behind the use of an incredibly burly mammal to ruin every beret-donning guard's day, but one that is not yet clear to us. At the very least, the trailers do reveal the use of wildlife in order to assist you in taking over outposts, and the inclusion of a survival deathmatch at some point in the story as well. It's far too early to say if there will be more assistance aside from just elephants, but if the slow drip of information from Ubisoft surrounding Far Cry is to be believed, there's still quite a bit about the game to be said yet.

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