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Full Control Announces Flashback

By Mokman17-04-2013

So the rumours were true. Fans of turn-based isometric strategy games rejoice, Jagged Alliance is set for its comeback into the gaming industry, under the able hands of Full Control, who has recently signed a licensing agreement with bitComposer Games. The agreement gives them the permission to develop and publish "a new multiplatform title in the Jagged Alliance franchise."

Full Control did not waste time immediately announcing the name of the new title, Jagged Alliance: Flashback. It has already begun development on the game, stating that it "is not just a reboot, but a reset that returns the franchise to the tactical turn-based action of the original games." The game is planned to be set in the mid-1980s on the Carribean Island of San Cristobal.

They have announced the game would be crowdfunded on Kickstarter. "Starting next week Full Control will turn to crowdfunding and launch a Kickstarter campaign to finance the project. Supporters of the project can get involved by pledging as little as $5."

bitComposer themselves have issued a vote of confidence for Full Control. "We have been keeping an eye on Full Control for the last couple of years and have been suitably impressed with their take on turn-based tactical gaming and in particular their awesome work in bringing the classic Space Hulk franchise back to life", said Wolfgang Duhr, Board of Directors of bitComposer Games, "We are excited to learn more about their plans for the franchise".

So people, excited? What do you want to see in this addition to the Jagged Alliance franchise?

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Multiplatform? Oh dear. This is gonna be another Xcom, isn't it...