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Frying your PC on 25th

By McKaby02-02-2016

So, ever wanted to be Neo, well, now you can. SUPERHOT is an action game where the game speed is judged by how fast you move and your actions and is coming to PC on the 25th of February.

Take the action of unbridled mayhem and cautious strategy you need to pick up weapons off fallen enemies, as well as ammo. Oh and you are massively outgunned and outnumbered, manoeuvre through slow-motion bullets and throw Katana's into people's faces. Oh and no extra health, so even more fun.

This game originated in a 7-day FPS game jam and has been polished a bit more and is ready to head out with the support of fans through Kickstarter, so get ready to be an action hero and get in practice doing back flips and throwing Katana's at people.

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