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From The Shadows

By Bobfish02-04-2013

Ubisoft are going to have a scrap on their hands, that's for sure. The upcoming Thief reboot now has its first proper teaser. None of it is in game, but it sets the tone perfectly. The sedate, brooding voiceover clearly reinforcing the motif of Garret as the patient, silent shadow in the dark corners. Waiting, watching, choosing the perfect moment to strike, then leaping on the opportunity like a panther. And wait, what's this? He...he chooses escape over confrontation?! Rather than being marginalised and left as a quaint side option, it's clear the actual thievery aspect of the game remains the chief focus. So my brothers, slink your way down to our comments section and leave your telltale calling card to show our security was no matching for your advanced legerdemain.

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Posts: 21

i would play this but i hate thieves

Posts: 237

I say its really good! Tho a bit too good looking guy, for a thief.