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From the Cradle to the Steam

By Bobfish06-07-2015

It's been a long road, getting from there to here. It's been a long time, but my Cradle is finally near...

Sorry about that, came over all Russel Watson for a moment there. But considering upcoming, uhm, interesting game, Cradle is heavily influenced by a lot of 80s (and probably earlier) sci-fi, it's not all that surprising. Okay, I know Star Trek was 60s, and Enterprise was early millenium, but shush.

Uhm, what more can you really say? Cradle looks, well, frankly, it looks amazing. Some of the shots in the video above, even after being butchered to shit by YouTube's atrocious compression...yeah man, some of it looks like real video footage. And as if that isn;'t good enough, did I mention 80s sci-fi influences? Yeah, I know right? Roll on July 24th is all I can say.

This gon be gud!

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