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From Software Sheds Some Light on Dark Souls 2’s PC Version

By Doubleplus20-12-2013

A few years back, the brutally difficult but ultimately forgiving Dark Souls took the world by storm. The only problem was that it was only on consoles. After a long process of petitioning, PC players got their wish, but in a twist of fate straight out of The Monkey's Paw, it was plagued with things like a 30 FPS limit, GFWL and absolutely horrible Keyboard and Mouse controls. Well, according to Dark Souls producer, Takeshi Miyazoe, it was Namco's doing.

"This is going to sound bad but our main priority was to get the game onto the PC as fast as possible, because people wanted it on the PC. The PC market in Japan is so minimal that originally there were no plans to make it on the PC, but with the strong petition from the North American and European fans, even with the lack of experience of working on a PC platform we still did our best to try to get it out as fast as possible. The problems were expected to a certain extent.

"We did know there were PC-specific features like key-mapping and use of the mouse and keyboard, high resolution and higher frame rate, stuff like that, but... It's not that we ignored it, but it would have taken too much time for us to implement it, test it and get it up to the level people expected. It was more of a publisher decision to say, 'Guys, don't worry about this – let's just get it out and see how this works on PC. For Dark Souls II we are developing on PC from the beginning," Miyazoe said. "We realise what PC games typically require, and I can assure you that the PC version of Dark Souls II will be a good PC experience for PC gamers. The current plan is to allow players to choose whether they want to use keyboard and mouse or a controller. Both options will be available. Me being a console gamer and not a PC gamer, I would recommend a controller, but if you're a PC gamer I'm sure you'd have a different opinion."

So not only will Dark Souls 2 have a PROPER PC version, but he also goes on to state that there will be no DLC and buying it will be buying a "complete game" All I have to say to that is PRAISE THE SUN.

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