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Friday The 13th, Good Day to Go Postal

By Doubleplus16-12-2013

Friday the 13th may be considered an unlucky day for most, but for fans of the psychotic game, Postal 2, it is a very lucky day indeed. Since the beginning of the year, developer Running With Scissors has been teasing a massive update for their 10 year old game. The lion's share of the game is integrating features from the extremely popular and considered essential A Week In Paradise mod, such as dismemberment and combining the base game's 5 days with the expansion pack's ,Apocalypse Weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Here is the full patch notes taken from the community announcement.

"New Features:

-Added 'A week In Paradise (AWP)

A much requested feature was for us to add the updates from the very popular AWP mod into the base POSTAL 2 game. This means it is now possible to play POSTAL 2 and Apocalypse weekend in one playthrough. More than just a simple copy and paste, we have tweaked and improved many aspects of the game along the way.

-Dismemberment from Apocalypse weekend is now a feature of the entire game

One of the best new features of the Apocalypse weekend expansion pack was the dismemberment feature, and we have now rolled it back to the entire campaign.

-Added new weapons (from the Eternal Damnation total conversion)

More weapons to GOPOSTAL with:





Knuckle dusters


Flame Thrower

Grenade Launcher


Sawn off Shotgun


Baseball bat

-Greater variation in NPC and Zombie appearance

NPC's how carry bags, wear hats, shades and sport some funky hairdos. These are not the somewhat shabby one's you saw in the original AWP mod but totally new ones made to a much higher standard.

We have also included a much greater variation in Zombies, courtesy again of the Eternal Damnation modification.

-Added 68 Steam Achievements

We said it would be 69, had to drop one at that last minute spoiling our silly fun. Still, should be enough to keep you going! There is also an in game achievement system for the benefit of future DRM free builds.

-Improved widescreen compatibility, including tripled headed solutions

The widescreen stretching and hud issues are now fixed, and we also made the effort to get ultra wide screen working correctly, should you own an Eyefinity/Surround/Triplehead set up.

-Added a FoV slider to the performance menu and V-sync to the video options

A couple of requested options from the community

-Some minor visual updates

You can now see through windows, how novel eh? Plus some other things here and there.

-Added launcher to give the ability to change settings before you start the game

A small number of people were affected by a problem where the game would crash on launch unless the video settings matched the resolution of their desktop. This will allow users to set these options before they launch the game and save having to dig around configuration files. Furthermore it now allows access to the MP game via the desktop shortcut.

Also handy for those that want to idle for the trading cards but not play the game, but I'm sure no one would want to do that... right?

-Added an option for micro-transactions! you can now buy Champ new outfits for 10 bucks a piece, or pay for a 50 bucks season pass to obtain them all as they become available, before you've even seen what they are.

Just kiddin', but it's shows the sad state of the industry when you probably half believed that whilst reading it.

Fixes and improvements

-Fixed the submit bug reports option after a crash so we can collect information for future fixes

Hopefully you'll never have to use this, but if you do, we'll be sure to look into it.

-Fixed a collision crash that would sometimes occur with dismemberment

At least we hope, we've not been able to recreate it lately, we'll be monitoring the crash reports. If you do have this issue please be sure to submit the crash report and explain what you were doing when it happened.

-Fixed a problem where NPC's would not react to your 'Get Down' command

Hitting that G key while in front of NPC's will now actually do something

-Fixed a problem where angry dogs could not be tamed by feeding them

So go and recruit those attack dogs!

-Temporary fix for some of the worst fulbright issues on modern PC's

Although not all. We realized late into things we will have to redo most of the lighting to really solve this problem and we'll look into it for a future patch.

-Lots of other little fixes

The obligatory elusive line everyone adds to their change log for no good reason.

Editor fixes and improvements:

We'll be looking into adding workshop to POSTAL 2 in the next patch and we've started improving the modding tools to reflect that.

-Marquee select now works in the front and side viewports

-Space bar will now maximize the viewport you are working in (even if they are fixed)

-Added filters for the sound and static mesh browser windows"

Postal 2 is a game where you can leave all sense of those silly things like "sanity" "morality" and "basic human decency" to go postal, but "It's Only as Violent as You Are™" meaning you can beat the entire game without killing a single person, but what's the fun in that?

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Posts: 1317

I never really had any performance issues, past or present. But the load times between zones were ridiculous back then. Hope they at least improved that.

Posts: 3290

Give it time

Posts: 267

The only annoying thing - FPS tanks during rampages, as it uses only 1 core.

Posts: 3290

I picked it up during the Summer camp sale for about the same price. Great game.

Gary kicks ass!

Posts: 1317

Nor do I.

Posts: 3290

I don't think it's a coincidence really :p

Posts: 1317

THIS is the way to support a game! By creating free content patches years after release AND involving the modding community.

For that, I'm buying the game. Which coincidentally is a daily deal on Steam right now.