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Freespace Returns To Interplay For A Pittance

By Fr33Lanc3r.00708-06-2013

You guys all remember the fall of THQ and the splitting up of their IPs and Developers, right? Well there's one IP that missed out on it all at the time - the classic Space Combat Sim, Freespace - until now that is. Interplay, the original publisher of Freespace, has bought the rights to the IP for a mere $7,500, according to this court document filed on the 4th of June.

It's a homecoming for Freespace, albeit a bitter one - with Volition no longer having the right to make Freespace games, and Interplay being in a bit of a strange place right now. I'm unsure about what the future has for us in seeing new Freespace titles, but if you're feeling nostalgic, you can pick up the original games at GOG.

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