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Free Yagers

By MatthewJMimnaugh05-12-2013

Spec Ops: The Line dev Yager announced that they are looking for a wide range of new talent for an upcoming free to play first person shooter.  For those unfamiliar, Spec Ops: The Line was an interesting title, it an attempt to steal some crumbs from the Activision and EA's duel-opoly with a game that focused more on the horrors of war than the machismo power fantasy.  Promising idea though it was, sales figures didn't back up, which was unfortunate, in my opinion.

As for Yager, this does not appear to be in the same franchise, let alone the same vein of seriousness; while FTP is a great avenue for gaming, it isn't exactly the breeding ground for serious—as in "serious educated debate" worthy—content due to the pop-in pop-out nature.  Whatever this ends up looking like, Yager is the first independent studio in Europe to license the Unreal Engine 4.  That alone means they're serious.


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More Spec Ops would be good too