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Free the Dogma

By Bobfish28-01-2015

Well then. This is quite probably some of the best news I have heard all year. A free to play follow up, of sorts, to the highly underrated console game Dragon's Dogma, by Capcom, is officially in the works. Coming for both the PlayStation 3 and 4, and more importantly, to our beloved PC. It will, inevitably, be dependent quite heavily on microtransactions, so if that bothers you...there's a reason there are those of us who genuinely use the term gamer entitlement. Video games are still a business you know?

Having said that, I do share the concern that it could devolve into a pay to win. Which is, oddly, something I am less worried about with Capcom. They may be buggers for milking sequels and asinine DLC, but they are most certainly not stupid when it comes to making money. And pay to win, frankly, does not do that. At least, not consistently. So, what will the game actually consist of? Welp, you can check the potato quality scan below, of read the conveniently translated bullet points nyah:

• Development started with the basic desire of taking Dragon's Dogma and making it playable in an online environment.

• The game couldn't be made in tandem with Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and was therefore pushed back.

• Capcom contemplated a monthly fee, but chose freeo-to-play in the end in an attempt to get more players to try it out.

• Though paid items are present, the game will still feel like a proper Dragon's Dogma game.

• The story is completely new and there are no character connections. (Editor's note: We take it this means no character connections to the previous game.)

• The game world will initially be the size of what players have come to expect from previous games, but will expand over time to be three times larger in scope.

• Parties are formed in the lobby, after which players depart for the field.

• An effort has been made to emphasize the strengths and traits of individual classes, but it's not balanced so strictly that players need to be super meticulous about party makeup.

Also, yeah, that's my Let's Play of the original game. Shameless self plug is shameless.

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Posts: 3290

I spotted that too. Things ain't looking so good for them this time around

Posts: 120

I like how all these Sony games keep coming out for PC while Microsoft still thinks XBox competes with PC.