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Free Savegames

By NAG3LT30-07-2013

Europa Universalis IV, the latest instalment in Paradox Interactive's most popular grand strategy series, releases in just a few weeks, on August 13th. The game will allow players to take the control of any nation on Earth between 15th and early 19th century.

To encourage pre-orders, Paradox has already promised cosmetic DLC, as well as the event pack for Byzantine Empire as pre-order bonuses. However, the last pre-order bonus is the most interesting of them all – Crusader Kings II and a Savegame Exporter. As CK2 ends in the 15th century, it seems quite natural to continue the same game in Europa Universalis.

It is not the first time Paradox has offered such functionality. Previously the expansion for the first Victoria game, Victoria: Revolutions offered to convert Victoria saves from the year 1936 into a Hearts of Iron 2 save file. While this feature was interesting, the result was far from perfect, as the mechanics of those games had a lot of differences. Hopefully, with more independent AI and game mechanics of more recent Paradox games, the feature will be less problematic. The first demonstration of save conversion will be shown on July 30th 6 p.m. GMT on Paradox Interactive Twitch.tv live stream. It is the time to consolidate the power and then dominate the world.

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