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Free CivV DLC Followed By CivV Complete Collection

By JcDent10-02-2014

Sid Meier's Civilization is the source of countless "spearmen killing <advanced military hardware>" jokes, even though such strange happenings are no longer the case. Civilization V is nearing the end of its cycle since they have announced the Complete Edition version of it. It includes the base game, the two expansion packs that it had and a sleeve of smaller DLCs.

And, with it, comes the Conquest of the New World Deluxe Scenario DLC, a remake of a game mode previously exclusive to 'Spain & Inca Civilization and Scenario' DLC. What's so special about it?

Set in 1492, it deals with the budding exploration and colonization of the New World, or, as 2K games put it in their blog:

"This new experience increases the number of civilizations to 10 and the number of turns had been increased to 150. Religion, Trade Routes, Mercantile, and Religious City States have also been added along with scenario-specific Buildings, Wonders, and Resources.

Both the Policy Tree and Technology Tree have been expanded and there is a new Victory Point system in place.

Will you prevail in the struggle for supremacy over this New World?"

It is available to do those who have bought the Brave New World expansion pack or will buy it (probably in the near future, seeing how Civ games are up for cheaps on Humble Bundle).

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