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Frag Like It's 1999...Again?

By zethalee07-08-2014

This year is the year of the arena shooter, it seems. With the return of Unreal Tournament and everyone's favorite CliffyB and his own free-to-play arena shooter, along with a few other games, it feels as though this has become the temporary “hot new thing” stand-in for the MOBA game, which was preceded by the zombie genre, and the military shooter, and so on. Most derive their inspirations from either the Quake arena shooters, or Unreal itself. Toxikk is no such exception, though they're a little less obtuse about where they take their cues from.

On a short “7 Facts About Toxikk” page on the game's website, the developers explicitly say that they want you to shoot like it's 1999 or in the 2k's again. Subtle, no? The trailer linked above also displays some of the features you'd come to expect in an arena shooter: weapon pickups, no regenerating health, emphasis on movement, and so on. One more peculiar addition is the inclusion of vehicles, which might restrict the gameplay laterally, but it's still too early to tell just how this is going to play out.

The game is scheduled to come out for Early Access sometime this winter, and it will be a paid release, as the developers have also said that they feel as though introducing cosmetics doesn't make sense in order to keep it free-to-play, and it feels right for an arena shooter, regardless. In any case, we'll be sure to have more information as the year rolls right on through.

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