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Fortnite Trailer Looks Familiar

By WskOsc10-06-2015

 Bright flashes of colour, trashy music, stupid things happening and large numbers that you don't understand. No, it's not a nightclub, it's the trailer for Epic's new game Fortnite. We're not quite sure what we were expecting but it's... I can't lie, it's exactly what we expected; third person viewpoint and shooting. Fortnite is some kind of crazy, never before seen mash-up of shooting, survival and building – got to wish them luck with such an outlandish combination. In all seriousness though, if similar games are anything to go by it should be a blast.

Epic are urging people to sign up for the alpha on their homepage so if that's your cup of tea, good luck. Stay tuned for more information as we get it.


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